My name is Saidi and I am the one woman show behind this little shop called Blushing Bunny Co. The idea to start a small stationery business was all rooted in my ever-present passion for all things paper. Anything from a stamp, to class notes really captivated me, and made me realize how paper can allow people to share emotions and ideas while being one of the simplest things on the planet. This probably all stems from my mother’s belief that buying notebooks and art materials was better use of her money than plastic toys (how eco-friendly mom!).

So after college I set out to follow my passion of paper, and started to gather information on how to start my own business. It has not been easy, but I am so ready for all the challenges ahead! I hope you can see the passion and love behind the curated cards, and gifts in the shop, and know that I am trying my hardest to live out my dreams!


Baby me holding a pen and laughing with glee!
Baby me holding a notebook and frightened to death!
Holding my precious pet bunny, Lucky. The reason for our name.
With my IT Manager (husband) who helps with all things tech. Love ya!
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